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T Training

Rope Access Technician (Level 2)

A SAQA Registered Designation and qualifying learners are registered and licensed with the IWH-PB.

Trained and Assessed against:

US 229996 “Rig working ropes, undertake rescues and perform a range of rope access tasks”

NQF Training Accredited by: SAQA, SSETA and IWH - PB

Who needs this Training: Rope access technicians who need to plan and supervise basic rope access class B sites. Learners working towards competence in this unit standard will be a person using rope access techniques to access work to be performed, where rope access skills are required. Qualifying learners will be able to perform a wide range of rope access techniques and perform some rescues and rig and inspect rope access equipment under supervision.

Duration: 2 Days Theory and 6 Days Practical

Entry Requirements: Original Certified copy of I.D Document, valid copy of OHS Medical Certificate stating fitness for Work at Height. Learners MUST be proficient in English reading and writing and Mathematical Literacy up to the level of Grade 10. Copy of current Rope Access Level 1 US229998 + US230000 Certificate, Must provide log book with approved running total of 1 000 hours as Level 1 Rope Access Technician in a period of 1 year and Copy of current First Aid Level 1 Certificate.

The Qualifying Learner is Capable of:

  • - Rigging ropes for work and rescue situations using relevant knots.
  • - Performing rope manoeuvres.
  • - Performing rescues.
  • - Maintaining and inspecting rope access equipment.
  • - Demonstrating knowledge of worksite organisation.
  • - Applying knowledge of the legal and safety requirements to different worksites.